Maryland Tree Service L.L.C.


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Landscape Services
Pesticide/Herbicide and Fertilizer Application

Maryland Tree Service is licensed in chemical applications. Our qualified professionals can treat your lawn, garden and trees for any pest and disease that might attack the health of your landscape.
We can also test, recommend and apply any fertilizer needs your plants may have to insure you have the beautiful yard you deserve.

Computer Aided Landscape Design

Maryland Tree Service can help you design your dream landscape with computer graphics. Showing you a before and after pictures of your property. We will help you choose the right plants and trees for your area to ensure proper health and growth.
The only limits are your imagination.

Planting and Mulching

Maryland Tree Service takes great care in the planting of your trees, shrubs and flowers. We will ensure they thrive in their environment and explain to you the best method for their care.
Proper mulching is also important for the health of your plants. It helps control weeds and moisture, and adds nutrients to the soil.